I feel like I never recovered today.  My haze has lingered, stomach is bothering me and I’m ready for my husband to get home.  There is something about him being home that makes it easier for me to relax.  I apologize if my last few posts have not been motivating or if I am not providing you with information that you seek.  Most of the time my days are great and I am not affected by my medication.  I am usually pumped and ready to conquer.  When I have med issues, stress, lack of sleep – I can turn into a big ole yucky mess.  I’ve said I want to be honest -well, I sit here and I am struggling to find something to say.   I can’t think and I have been talking in circles for a couple of days now.  I certainly hope that at some point I have made sense and you all have found something to take in.  I have been so dedicated to my blog and want so badly to reach out and help others.  I love doing this and the connections I’ve made and the responses I get – its awesome.  I’ll be back to my old self shortly and ready to go.  I hope you’ll hang in there when moments like this occur.  I certainly enjoy my jackwagon self more than this one.  Thanks to my fam for dealing and Bailey and T for babysitting.  My UK friend, thanks for making me laugh today!

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