Wow, can I tell you how great it is to not feel like an over-medicated mess?!  The pep is already back in my step.  Sometimes the tone of my day can be set in those first few minutes after getting out of bed.  Can I walk to the toilet without smashing into the towel racks? It’s awesome when I can!!!  Always a good sign.  If I can get down the steps and let our sweet Milly out and not be med affected then I am usually good!!!  Most of the time I do have lingering effects but I can handle them.  Some days are far worse and drive me insane.  Two bad days of frustration in a row totally weighed on me yesterday.   Today, my normal pain in the butt, annoying, sarcastic self has returned!

I am ready to rock out some serious cardio at the gym!  Ready for a good run so make room for me and Bailey Fitness19 peps cause we are coming.  Jackwagon Journal in tow – dang are we focused with that thing.  Maybe there is something about writing it down that works for us.  Seeing in writing what we did, the number of reps. and the weight amount.  If it works for us, who cares right?  I don’t care if I look dumb walking around with that book.  I don’t cause no one there cares what we do, they are there for themselves, they are there for the same reason we are/you are!!!  Do what works for you!  Try stuff, find what triggers and clicks for you.  Never be afraid to join a gym, never be embarrassed!  I have been in the past and I realize how dumb I was.  Don’t be afraid to go outside and walk or run.  Don’t let your fears put limits on what you want and can do.  It’s not the people at the gym working out next to you that have opinions about your efforts.  It’s not the person who walks or runs past you outside that has something to say about what you are doing.  I used to fear that.  Not true!!!  Turn your music on and go!!

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