I love Friday’s.  There’s an excitement I get knowing that my husband and daughter are home for the next couple of days.  We have a busy weekend though.  Well, Elizabeth has a busy weekend – dancing both Saturday and Sunday.

I was messaging back and forth with a friend and I asked her to let me know if she had suggestions about my blog, she follows me on a regular basis.  There are days when I don’t feel like I have as much to share.  I’ve told you that my intentions are to share struggles, provide tips and to motivate.   She told me that anything I face daily could be helpful to someone, that most days she relates to what I say in some way.  Sharing how the hell I’m planning on getting through a weekend – whatever.  So here we go!  Today I have done nothing but relax.  Bailey and I didn’t go to the gym, she was busy.  We’ve worked really hard this week – my lower sides and the back of my legs are sore.  I’ve had a hard time deciding if I want today to be my day off – at this point it certainly looks like its going to be!!  I am really a morning workout person.  I had my morning chat on twitter.  I have been on twitter for probably a year but just following, not sending tweets.  I started my blog and I set up a new twitter account.  I have weight loss and epilepsy contacts.  It’s awesome!  The information you can find is great.  I now have my morning twitter chats with my UK friend.  Crazy right?  It’s awesome.  We both have epilepsy and are actually very similar in many ways.  She motivates me  – accepting my condition and working through daily issues.

So I have done no workout, I haven’t had enough water and I have grazed on food.  I haven’t eaten anything substantial.  I am not a die-hard robot that always makes the best food choices and never skips a workout.  I’m not!  Oh, I certainly can be!  I can have will power like you have never seen.  If I’m game on, you could put my favorite food in front of me and I won’t eat it!!  If you do twelve push ups, I’ll do thirteen.  Most of the time, I am in the middle.  Don’t think you have to be hard-core.  I know I’ve typed about falling off track and getting back on.  Still very true!  We don’t have to be hard-core to get healthy.  Never think that someone who has weight loss success is forever perfect in their lifestyle change.  Stay strong!!

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