Very dreary day and needing some pep!  I confess that two days in a row I have not worked out.  I’ve missed Bailey and am struggling to workout on my own.  I’m use to her now so it’s like I’m sulking like a baby.  She has a life outside of me & the gym I do realize.  This is my issue – I’m a big girl and I can work out by myself.  No one is responsible for my fitness – just me.  Seriously, I’ve worked out on my own at my house for the last two years.  I have my gym and that’s where T and I have our sessions.  I can – but not always – be a creature of habit.  I’ve gotten used to 5/6 days a week at Fitness19 with my Jackwagon friend.  So now I don’t find myself very entertaining when I am alone.  When we have missed days before, I’ll do a little something at home and I’m good.  This is what I get for being lazy.  Do something!  If I had just done some jumping jacks, push ups and crunches – that would have been enough.

I have to be able to accommodate for change on a regular basis.  I tell you all to do that, most times I can.  Throw in some bad weather, sleepiness and some meds and I’m done.  Here’s the thing –  I am realizing that I am more affected by my meds when I get lazy.  My days are worse.  They don’t metabolize the same.  Bailey and I kick it so hard almost every day – what do I expect when I drop off and do nothing.  I should have done something yesterday and a little something today.  Maybe if I had it wouldn’t have taken me 9 hours to type this post. I’m not kidding.

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