Hello Everyone!!! I hope the day is starting off great!!  I was a little off-balance today BUT it is time to push past it.  Two conclusions -1. If I allow myself to get too lazy I am going to have issues with my medication.  I don’t mean just relax, I mean down and out lazy, there is a difference!  How can I expect to kick it exercise wise with Bailey and T during the week and then do nothing on the weekends and not be affected?  I tell you all to move, I usually do.  The last couple of weekends have been so hard.  I was telling my friend this morning.  It’s a cycle – lazy, meds bother me, can’t do anything, then lazy!  I then spend the week working out of it.  The last two weekends, I have been awful – thinking I won’t be affected by meds., hello!!!!

2. I may in-fact be drinking too much coffee.  I’m not sure it is possible to have too much but I am now questioning.  I am also shedding a bit of a tear at that thought!  I’m going to get called out on this eventually so I am going to say it now.  Yes, I have in fact drank coffee while working out.  I know, believe me you need not say anything.  My husband very recently became aware of how much I drink.  He buys it when he drops by the store.  It’s one of those things that he does and I find sweet.  He just remembers, I don’t have to ask.  He doesn’t even drink it.  When I do ask him to grab some, then he realizes.  So I finally fessed up to him.  His response – WOW Michelle!!  Coffee isn’t a bad thing and I am certainly not planning to give it up.  Thing is, with all my coffee drinking – I know I am not drinking enough water.  It’s so important to drink water with anit-epileptic meds, flush out the system.  Pretty sure I haven’t been flushing enough.  So the exercise helping metabolize these meds and water flushing them out, I gotta do it!!  I don’t want my husband babysitting me – him going up the steps behind me while I crawled up them yesterday, not good!


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