Hey there everyone!  I hope you all have gotten a good start to your week.  I have told you that I am in a slump.  I am not giving up or in by any means but I am having to make accommodations.  The last two weeks I have been having to push through and you can probably tell from my posts.  It happens.  We get frustrated on weight journeys.  I did during the process and I do now.  Accepting the struggle and the continued focus is hard.  Maintaining gets annoying as well.  Most times it is fairly easy, routine is probably the better word.  In addition to my slump, we have a variety of germs flying around town, as do most of you.  I don’t get sick often but the last three days I have felt like I am fighting something.  I guess if I have to do crunches in bed I will.  I’m joking, we do have to listen to our bodies.  T will be here tomorrow and I know what that means!  So grab your water and healthy snacks!!!  Have a good day!!

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