Good morning everyone!!  Hope your day is starting off great.  I am getting our house picked up and doing some laundry.  Thursday’s I go to my daughter’s school to help in her classroom for an hour.  Her school is not far but it is far enough to be good exercise if you are walking or running.  It is a beautiful day so I am going to do just that – walk there and run home.  I generally show up looking like a hot mess – Bailey drops me off after we’ve been to the gym.  What a break for the children and their teacher!!  No stinky, sweaty mess.  I shall get my exercise taken care of, eat healthy foods and get these tasks I’ve written down checked off my list!  I’ve already got it set in my head!  When it’s set it gets done!!  Focus on what you want accomplished today – be sure being healthy is part of your plan!  Have a great day!!

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