Hello!  Hope everyone is well.  Aye, my posts have gone in a completely different direction as of late.  Sorry about that!  Not looking for concerns from you guys, just keeping this thing true as it can be.  I reach out to a friend when I struggle – her recommendations on what to do.  Do I step away or say what I am feeling.  She has said both is ok but people want to know daily struggles and how others get through.  She is right, you all always check back so forward I shall go.

Bailey and I decided that this past week needs to be chalked up as an epic fail when it comes to working out.  She has been sick and I am struggling medication wise.  We have to put it behind us and move forward, that is our plan.  We can’t revisit with should of, would of, could of.  Done.  We’ll continue with healthy choices and make our return to Fitness19 on Monday.  Why Monday?  She is teaching dance this weekend and I have my quick crash on dilantin.

Have a good weekend!  Take care of yourself!

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