Hello everyone!  Hope your weekend has been good.  Bailey and I have already been in touch and are set to bust it out at the gym tomorrow.  We will move on from last weeks epic fail – our description of last weeks workout effort/success.  Tomorrow is going to blow and we both know it.  Why? Because we will rock out our least favorite/hardest of our various cardio sets.  I’ve mentioned before – 2,2,1!  2 min. walk on 15 incline, two-minute run and 1 minute sprint.  It is a love/hate cardio set.  We love it because the time passes quickly and it makes us sweat our butt’s off.  We hate it cause it’s f’n hard!!!!   Truthfully we are looking forward to being back at Fitness 19.  Missing a day or two seems ok, much past that and it’s kinda weird.  We’ve missed hanging and goofing off BUT we do miss the workouts too.  That’s a good feeling!  When you miss sweating and pushing yourself, knowing you’re gonna be sore the next day – It’s the best guys.  Cardio and weights, ugly sweat and sore muscles – learn to love it!!  Gotta work to get what you want.   Those last reps that are killing you, those are the ones that are working!!  Learn to love it!!

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