We made our return to the gym today after an entire week off.  It wasn’t easy but it felt great to be back!  No slacking, a full force return.  Sometimes ya gotta break from the gym or the program you are following.  Could be various reasons.  Vacations, illness, maybe you just need time – it happens.  Don’t let it be a permanent break.  We missed heading to the gym, Fitness19 has become a regular part of our day.   Get to that point, get to where you miss it.  You want exercise to be a regular part of your life!

There is no way that we could return without incident.  Bailey has become notorious for dropping her phone.   While listening to music she frequently manages to drop her phone and it then flings off the treadmill.  She didn’t fail to disappoint today!  As we were wrapping up our cardio, I stepped on the side of the treadmill and almost wiped out!  That’s my go to, almost falling!  We make each other laugh, it helps us work through.  Have fun, make it permanent, learn to laugh at yourself.  You can be full on but still have fun.  Make it too serious and you may dread your workout time.

Confession, we also had coffee while working out!!  Ugh!, had to get that off my chest.  Walking, running and sprinting while drinking a Starbucks!  Not good!!!  Have a great day everyone!! You can reach your goals!

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