Hey everyone!  Hope you all are off to a positive start today.  Already been to the gym today, we knocked it out first thing.  Cardio, arm’s and ab’s.  We did the bike for our cardio and it was fine, though Bailey and I both agreed that our butt’s hurt.  We discussed our return to the gym, we are both so glad to be back.  Neither of us liked the way we felt not getting the workouts in.  So, get some exercise in today – you will feel so much better.  Get it done, do it for you!  It can be so hard to motivate, believe me I know!!   I go to a gym now but I also still workout at home.  There are ways to implement exercise into each of our daily routines.   Always remember how good you feel after you’ve completed a run or done some weights.  Use those feelings to help motivate you day after day.

I can’t encourage you enough to just start.  Start with something you like and get consistent.  Lifestyle change!  Make it something you can and will stick with!  Exercise is something you will never regret starting!!  Good Luck everyone!!

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