The evening is coming to a close.  My husband will be home with our daughter in just a few.  Tonight is dance night so he went to pick up his three little dance buddies and drive them home.  Wonder what the treat for the car ride home was.  I made it through the day without weighing.  It’s been ok but I do honestly feel a little tension in not knowing that I am still on track.  Thing is, I know I am but I still what to see it.  I have added a new exercise tab and am putting some links there for you all to check out.  They will be things that you can do at home.  You can take them to the gym too.  Bailey found a really good leg one that you can do at home but we do it at the gym too.  I am also adding some cool food ideas to the food section.  I am really trying to give you all some good stuff to check out.  Let me know if you have suggestions, have something to add or if you want to see something posted!  Have a good night!!

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