I have to mention this briefly before I get going with the rest of my morning.  This is the first morning since I started this journey that I strayed from my ritual!  You all know T took my scale from me for a week.  Well I have had it back for a few weeks now and have still weighed every morning.  Just morning though, I no longer weigh in the evening.  Today I walked right past the scale.  I didn’t even realize that I didn’t weigh myself until after I let our dog out and gave her breakfast.  I was on to making my coffee before I thought about it.  Progress?  Maybe.  It’s a check in for me but that’s all I want it to be – a check in.  Not an obsession!  It’s bothering me a little but I am posting about this now so I can move on from it.  Focus is not on the number, right?  Have a great day!

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