Good afternoon all.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It’s Monday – a fresh week and a great time to get started on a healthy track!  Summer is not far off, we all have time to make positive changes – you know why I say that.  Bathing suits!!!!

So the sickness taking out the town where I live has spread to Bailey’s house.  No Fitness 19 for us today.  Do I have a problem going by myself?  Heck no!  It’s just a little further than I’d like to walk.  I’ve told you all that I have a lot of time to myself.  Eric and Elizabeth are gone, work and school, so I spend my afternoon’s tinkering around the house.  I haven’t been great lately about using my time wisely.  Medication issues playing a rather large role in that.  Right now it appears my frienemy Dilantin has settled for the moment.  SO, I have decided it is time to get back into my gym at home.  I am going to start an at home routine like I use to do.  Bailey and I will hit the gym, I will have my Wednesday’s with T and then my routine in my gym.  I will have it all spread out on a schedule but it’s gonna happen.

My husband fixed my surround system in my gym so I have no excuse.  It can be so easy to fall of track and I just can’t take that chance.  A little laziness, little med issue and boom big problem.  I don’t think I will ever let myself get out of control but I can’t take that chance.  I have to keep a program going at home so that I will be less likely to let it happen.  If I don’t, well, I may easily find myself moving to the couch and no place else.  If ya can’t get to a gym guys, get it done at home!!!

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