Good Morning all!  Do you like the above quote?  I do!  Quotes like the one above worked and still work for me!  Helped me constantly remember what was more important.  Reminded me that the effort I was making was going to pay off in the end.  When I started exercising I was in pain!  I constantly had to convince myself that all would payoff.  I might hurt at that moment, I might struggle through a certain exercise, I may want to puke or punch someone BUT I could make it through.  It was a brief moment of struggle and pain but in the end it was gonna be worth it.  We have learned and taught ourselves many things over the years, why not this?!  Why not something that is going to make us feel better!  I have no answer cause it wasn’t easy for me to start and it sure as shit wasn’t easy for me to stick to it day after day.  I did it though guys!  I am not joking when I say you can too.  Every time you think you can’t, think of me.  120 pds.  I was out of shape, not now!!!  One pound at a time!

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