March 13, 2013

I can remember movie quotes and who played in what movies with who.  I am also very good at figuring actors by their voices when playing an animated role or doing a commercial.  T has wanted to tell me about a movie and she can’t remember the name of the actor or the name of the movie.  I am not joking when I tell you this.  She has said to me – you gotta she this movie, it’s with that girl who is married to that guy who played in the movie oh what’s it called.  This is me – Diane Lane in the Secretariat? Yep!  It’s one of my things.   I actually say quotes all the time.  Wobbly bits from Bridget Jones Diary, one of my favorites.  Games with movie quotes – love it!!  My favorite though has to be quoting Ellen from her stand-up show’s.   Your aura’s brown, what a stupid thing to say to me, your aura’s brown!  Bailey and a couple other friends think that’s real funny to say to me.  Brown aura!  Its most likely true though.  Ellen’s jokes about tripping and deciding to run, waving at someone but it’s not who you thought, motioning to someone to roll down the window and we still use the window crank motion, but the best – that’s my ass this way and that’s my ass that way! ( That’s for B & B who both love the Ellen quotes!  Everyone at UD love you!)

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