Good afternoon all!  I hope you all are having a fabulous day.  I am going to tell you guys that my return to hard-core workouts with T has given me some pep in my step!  Mind you, Bailey and I kick it every time we hit the gym, don’t mistake that!  We bust our butts.  T is a trainer, she gives me a challenge every time, that’s why I keep her around!!  She puts workouts together, exercises that go together that work area’s I want toned.  Things that often wouldn’t occur to me to try.  The last five weeks I have been off (mood, stability, vision etc.) – you know my frienemy I’ve mentioned – so today was the first ass kicking I have gotten from T in five weeks!  Could I tell?  Maybe a little.  Oh hell yes I could tell!  Boxing with push ups on my knuckles, 2 minute jump rope and 1 minute bicycle abs – multiple times.  Those are the three things that stood out.  Anyway, I’ve told you all to try to shake up your cardio.  Don’t just keep the change up’s to cardio, change around your whole workout.  Bailey and I change things at the gym all the time, T gives me different stuff to do weekly.  Don’t get hung up on the same routine when you go to the gym or your working out at home.   Change it so you don’t get bored.  When you are excited and feel good about your workout it really motivates you to want to make those good choices!  Stay focused on your goal, it’s more important than that cookie that will be forgotten in 5 minutes and sabotage your success.  Stay focused!  Re-read my weight loss story if you think that it can be done!!!!

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