Good morning all!!  Quick post and I shall return later.  We hit the ground running this am.  I got up late and we rolled from there.  Daughter did make it off to school on time and husband off to work.  I am giving myself a minute to gather it together.  I’ll be off to Elizabeth’s school in a couple of hours and will be doing some updates on my blog a little later.  Not sure on my workout plan, I will be waiting until after I help in Elizabeth’s class to decide that.  Why?  My friend is driving me up there but I will be walking home.  It’s so blasted cold right now so my walk may turn into a run.  That will take care of my cardio for the day if that happens.  I’ll get that figured out shortly.  Right now, Macklemore’s Thrift Shop is on and it’s time to dance!  Have a good one everyone!!!

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