Hi everyone!!  Well I never made it back on to my blog yesterday to post anything further.  I am trying to write a post to you all today and I am having a hard time.  Yesterday was a bit out of whack for me.  Me getting up late being the culprit.  My daughter has a dance competition tomorrow with her amazing teammates and I am struggling to decide what I need to do next.  I need to get her things together.  Several props are already packed in my friends car – her daughter being a fellow dance mate.  I like to write to you all each day and today it’s not flowing.  It’s not for lack of motivation, like during my medication issues.  Aye, brain function prevents!!  More detail on all that later in my epilepsy battles.  Working out does help me through these issues.  It helps relieve the stress I feel and calms me when I get frustrated with myself.

The paragraph above is one effort and the two below, another effort.  Sorry I can’t make much sense today!!  Have a good weekend!

Late start to the day yesterday (hit the ground running), Bailey is gone so no workout with my jackwagon friend and I had my normal volunteer time in my daughters classroom.  None of that really goes together and probably doesn’t seem like a big deal yet for me it’s a lot to take in before 9:30 am.  Me getting up late was the big culprit!  The good ole decline in my executive functions, YIKES I just can’t figure out what to do next.  I try to work through a morning process that isn’t really a big deal but it can turn into one because I just can’t figure shit out.  Come on brain get moving!!!  It worked out as it always does.  I have many friends that are always willing to help me out!!  My husband always says “just let me know what you need”.  A few too many sentences to tell you all that I did get a workout in yesterday!!  I made it happen.  T ended up having some changes in her schedule so I actually went to Fitness 19 with her.  Good workout and I felt better.  She didn’t think I was funny like Bailey does.

Struggles, we all have them.  Big or small.  Epilespy is a pain but it’s no more of an issue than what someone else may have.  I brush it off most days, sometimes I think I even forget that I have it.  Until I need my brain to work and it doesn’t, ha!  I add this epilepsy stuff because working out helps me.  When I get frustrated with myself, exercise helps.  I know we have times when we just can’t make it happen but do your best – regular exercise and healthy foods


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