March 17, 2013

I generally try to make a post daily or do an update on my blog.   I usually do posts while my daughter and husband are off to school and work or in the evening after Elizabeth is off to bed.  Eric and I will sit and watch TV and I’ll take a few minutes to long on.  Yesterday we were in Virginia Beach for my daughter’s dance competition, it was her day so there was no time.  I stepped away from my blog  when we went to D.C. for a competition back in January.  Anyway, Saturday was an all day event but it was great!!!  The entire team did amazing!  Everyone performed so well and the teams received high scores and received several awards!  A couple of Elizabeth’s teammates performed later in the day doing duets and they were amazing!  All of the girls hard work and dedication and the work and efforts of their teachers – wow did it show.  They were rewarded this weekend for it too!  I know how lucky my daughter is to be a part of such a fabulous studio.   To be taught to dance, learn to work as a team and care about each other at the same time, I love it.  For everyone to do their best, dance/compete for that high score but have fun and have a good attitude at the same time, makes me happy.  Cheering each other on and being so excited for each team when they do well!  Who can ask for more?  My daughter has been with this studio since she was 3 years old.  She can’t imagine not having B & B for teachers, that is what she says.  She is pushed to learn yet she loves them and feels loved in return.  Wants to do all she can to make them happy.  The fun she has with her Mini teammates and the admiration she has for the older girls and the attachments she has to some, priceless.  I am not the only parent who feels this way and she is not the only dancer who feels as she does.  This is her dance environment – she is lucky.   As a parent, I have been fortunate in friendship as well.  I’ve made good friends and they help me out often.  Yes many of them know about my epilepsy and when we were in D.C. back in January several of these friends had to help me out.  Fortunately for me I have these friends and they had no problem helping me and Elizabeth. It’s a good thing to feel that happiness.  Lucky to be part of UD!!

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