Hello everyone!  I hope your weekend was good and you are off to a great start!  Bailey and I were back at the gym today and BOTH of us are extremely excited to get back into our gym routine.  As she said to me – structure!  The last two weeks have been crazy and we have had to make some adjustments to our workout schedules.  We struggled today but that first day returning to Fitness 19 is over and we are back!! Certainly not our regular kick ass workouts but we got it done.   I’ve mentioned several times to you all that I totally understand that crap happens.  It has happened to me and B several times recently but we don’t give up!!!  Do what you have to do, take that break and take care of what you need to.  Just don’t make those breaks permanent.

When I am not on track exercise wise I can easily fall off track food wise.  Exercise and eating go hand in hand with me, it is a huge mind game.  When I workout I don’t want to ruin what I have done.  I will eat healthier when I exercise.  I’ve mentioned that moderation isn’t really easy for me, some people can handle it but for me its difficult.  I am not constantly hard-core about my food choices, I have reached my goal so I am more at a maintaining phase.  BUT food is an issue for me and it always will be.  I know how easy it would be for me to gorge myself.  If I stick with exercise I know I have a little more leeway,  yes moderation, yet I can’t look at it like that.  I’m certain I’m not making sense, as I said my head plays games with me on this.  SO, I exercise regularly which in turn helps me to make better food choices.  Consistently exercising, I know in the back of my head that I am maintaining and ultimately allowing myself that bit of wiggle room.  Head game!  The battle of weight loss never ends!!  The fear of gaining all the weight I lost back – I don’t have words to describe that fear!!

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