If you have to take a break from the gym, whatever reason, don’t beat yourself up when you return.  You all know that Bailey and I have been on and off the last couple of weeks at Fitness 19 – we both have had different things going on.  We are back in our grove but we can’t be hard on ourselves because we aren’t busting out the exact same workouts we were.  Today was better!  We both said it.  Each day we are feeling our die-hard selves coming back.  Leaving the gym sweaty is a good thing!  Get your determined selves going and knock it out!!  Leave the gym sweaty, ugly and feeling great!

I’ve hit that wall, been in that place where I would punish myself mentally for missing a workout or eating bad.  So many of us do!  Many of us promise ourselves we will make it happen without fail.  If we slip then we give up. That mentality made for a ten-year battle of yoyo diets and exercise for me.  It’s so easy for me to give in and give up when I am pissed off.  I am certain I’ve told you all these things once and most likely will tell you again.  It’s real, it’s how so many of us feel when trying to meet weight goals.  A bad day can so easily push some of us over the edge!  I realize my weight loss success is a great accomplishment BUT I  am always on my toes.  Never expecting perfection from my daily routine!  Oh I do want it that way but if I want continued success I can’t think that way.  We gotta be practical but determined at the same time.    You are going to make it happen but never punish yourself or you will sabotage your success!

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