I am exhausted!  I went on my daughters field trip today and I am ready for bed.  I gotta say that it takes a special person to be a teacher.  I am not special enough for that job.  I was watching over 6 children and it was too much for me.  I can’t tell you one single thing about the living museum because I was constantly looking for the 6 children in my group.  My daughters teacher had it all under control and had her class in order all the time – she really didn’t need my help.  While she was under control I was stressed.  I would do it again, I will help in my daughters class anytime.  I don’t think we always remember how important our teachers really are.  We put our children in their hands everyday and are our teachers taken care of in return?  You know what I mean too!  They aren’t paid enough for what they do, what’s expected from them.  Teachers do what they do because it’s what they love.   Just seems they could be taken better care of in return.

What does this have to do with exercise, healthy food or epilepsy?  Nothing.  It’s whats on my mind.  I haven’t exercised but I’ve eaten good.  I got to spend a great day with my daughter and her very sweet and well-behaved classmates!  I’ll take a day off from exercise for a day like today.

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