Hello everyone!!  I am so glad it’s the weekend!  My husband is home from work and he and Elizabeth will be home for the next two days.  I love the weekends.  We don’t have a lot going on and I am really excited about that.    I have a lot to do around the house and I really want to get some things accomplished!  I am still pretty tired at times and if I sit for long then its over.  I am getting to the gym and watching my choices.  I’d like to get a bit better, tighten the reins.  So I will be.  Bailey wants to do the cleanse we did a couple of months back.  We are going to do it and give ourselves a little boost.  We have remained dedicated to workouts, though we have missed some because of illness and a couple random things.  We both just want to feel better.  We are getting it done but there is a difference when the focus is more on the strict side.  We both admit we feel better!!

Get our systems going with a cleanse and the return of the jackwagon journal to the gym.  I haven’t shared this with Bailey but I am gonna have to talk to T about cardio.  I think Bailey and I have gotten a bit comfortable with cardio again.  We are alternating machines and pushing it pretty hard but it’s taking half the cardio time for us to feel it.  We do it all at the gym.  Cardio, weights and weight machines.  When you feel like it’s getting easier, change it, don’t settle for easy.  Feel great about the fact that you have worked up to a level that was a challenge but then turn and push it more!!!!  Don’t get stagnant!  Easy isn’t going to get it done!  Have a great weekend!

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