Back from the gym and I am ready to get stuff done around the house.  Gotta tell ya I am a bit excited by this!  I don’t know where my energy went but it has found me again!  Bailey and I killed an awesome cardio at the gym – 2,2,1!  We followed that up with some weights.  We only had to pee twice while we were there.  Lots of water and only fruit today.  SO, I said I wasn’t giving up coffee whilst cleansing.  I am going back on that – I painfully am saying that I am not going to drink anymore coffee today nor any for the next three days.  Am I competitive?  Yes!  Now I don’t mean in the sense that I compete with everyone -I don’t do that.  But when I have been working out with someone consistently like Ann and Bailey – oh hell yes it’s on!!  Bailey said she wasn’t drinking coffee during this cleanse, so I won’t either.  This could get ugly guys!!!  When I tell you that I love my coffee, it’s no joke.  I don’t really drink – maybe an occasional beer.  Hard for some of us epileptics to handle, me being one.  So coffee is my thing.  If I can make it four days without it, will I go back to drinking it?  YES!!!

It’s good to have a little competitive edge, just don’t go overboard!!  Have a good day and focus on your goals!!

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