Hey everyone!  So today is the first day of our cleanse!!  Fruit all day.  Yippie!  I am not giving up coffee though.  I drink it with a splash of half n half so that’s just gonna have to be ok.  I told Bailey that I’ll give it up if she insists but she needs to be prepared to have me move in with her and her family while we do this.  Eric will kick me out!  I am a bear without coffee.  My husband as gotten up at the butt crack of dawn and driven to the store to buy some – I am that bad!!  I am excited today about the fact that I am feeling motivated.  I have been struggling to get things done lately, things around our house.  My med. issues have been a pain in the butt!  Thank god I have a patient husband!

So B and I are off to the guy and ready to eat fruit all day!  Motivate and follow through!!  Have a great day!!

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