I wanted to send out a quick message to you all.  Hope your day has started off well. I mentioned that Bailey and I are doing a cleanse, we started yesterday.  We got to have fruit yesterday, except banana’s.  Today is vegetables.  She has opted to drop coffee while doing this cleanse.  I gave it an effort, I tried but I just can’t do it.  I have had coffee today and I give Bailey kudos for sticking it out.  I don’t put sweetener in mine so I am hoping it doesn’t affect me too much.  Last time we did this cleanse the second day was the worst.  I am once again feeling a bit blah as I did last time.  My head is hurting a bit and I don’t get headaches often.  I will be back in a bit with several updates to my site.  Have a good!  Remember what is important to you as you make decisions today!

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