I have awaken with my energy again!!  That cleanse totally blew!  I think if you ever decide to do a cleanse you really need to research which one will be best for you.  My neighbor down the street was just telling me about one but you have to scale back on exercise.  Ok, can I just tell you that is not gonna happen!!  Bailey and I are not about to scale back on exercise.  Now, I am not saying that we LOVE working out everyday all the time.  We do like it though and we like how we feel after we have finished up.  Both of our husbands thought we were insane last time we did a cleanse and they thought we were more so this time.  110/120 pds later and I still have an obsession with focusing on my weight!  For those who have been reading for a while now, my weight obsession isn’t a surprise.  I stress when I see a fluctuation.  Stress isn’t good for weight maintenance.  I am on the higher end of where I am comfortable weight wise.  When you have been as big as I have been, seeing that fluctuation will scare the crap out of you.  My medication has messed with my system, it has messed with my menstrual cycle and I am having some issues with water retention.  I know I have to acknowledge these things, stop being so hard on myself and work through it.  It will be ok and I know it but I want that water weight off NOW!!

Drinking water is one of the first things that people will tell you to do to get fit.  Drink lots of water.  Flush your system out.  Well, I believe I have always had a misconception of water drinking and water weight – until today.  Let me just say that deep down I know about water BUT I can be so  highly obsessed when it comes to a number, sometimes common sense goes out the window.  I know it’s healthy but why?  T came over first thing this morning.  We were talking about various things and she explained to me the whole water thing.  I’ve mentioned my coffee drinking addiction, she is aware too.  Caffeine being a natural diuretic obviously makes you have to pee.  Ok, I knew that.   Am I keeping my system hydrated to replace the water and keeping it moving?  No.  I realize that I don’t normally drink enough water, most people don’t.  My warped mind is telling me that I am getting rid of water weight with caffeine so don’t go and add more water, I’ll weigh more.   T explained to me that I am losing water from the caffeine but if I don’t continue to drink water, keep my system moving and hydrated my body will hold on to every ounce of water I eventually put into it.  This may seem so obvious to you all and strange that I’d look at it the way that I do/have but to me peeing is peeing and the water is coming out.  New adjustment to mind-set on water!

Touching on the surface here with how crazy my mind can think when it comes to weight loss.  I said in my weight loss story section that ugly and odd thoughts & feelings came along when I was losing weight.  They aren’t shared often and only shared with a select few.  Establish good habits now!  When you commit to a new lifestyle journey, be practical when you make goals and do it healthy! Allow for plateaus and for days of frustration, they do pass.  I promise!

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