Today is the last day of school!  My daughter has a week-long break, I am so excited.  We always go to my parents for Easter and then Elizabeth and I stay the week.  So does Ms. Milly.  Unfortunately my husband can’t stay, he will leave after Sunday lunch.  A big bummer but he is glad that Elizabeth and I get to have time with my parents.  I already have workout plans with my Mom, we will go to her gym.  Water and healthy choices.  She is doing so great right now so we aren’t going to let the break mess things up health wise for either of us.  Bailey will hit Fitness19 alone.  She found THE BEST T-shirt’s and we are going to order them and wear them our first day back at the gym together.  I’m not going to tell you what it says.  We’ll take a picture and I will post it.  I’ll post more pictures after the break, maybe during if I can.  I will be making posts while I am gone.  I plan to enjoy my visit with my family but it doesn’t mean I have to make poor choices and skip the gym.  I intend to think my daily food decisions through very carefully.  I will allow myself a Reese egg and a couple of those little chocolate Cadbury egg’s with the crunchy shell.  Do I sound specific enough in my choices?  Of course!  If I am going to allow a piece or two of chocolate damn Skippy it’s gonna be my favorite.

I text T this morning about my weight loss story update I made last night.  My story is currently at the point of school starting and our sessions – Sept. 2012.  A bit of an ugly phase and I wanted to know how she felt about it.  Should I really tell you all?  She said yes.  I completed that update, posted it and then this morning I questioned if I wanted to tell you all EVERYTHING that took place.  I am going to but it brings back some emotions that I am very torn about.  I still have daily struggles that won’t go away.  Telling myself that when I face one of them, take it day by day.  I just told my friend to do the same.  Always easier said then done.   If you are going to be on spring break just take it day by day.  Don’t give yourself a week of freedom.  If you are going to allow yourself to eat an awesome Easter meal, great!  That meal or piece of chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t control other meals or snacks.  Every time we eat healthy, well, it’s one less meal that wasn’t healthy.  Sounds dumb but its true.  If we eat healthy all day and then have a cheeseburger, that’s better than eating poorly all day.  Don’t beat yourself up, just make as many good choices as you can – that’s better than none at all!!!  We can enjoy our break but be healthy too!

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