Good Morning everyone!!  The break has begun and we are ready!  It was fabulous getting to sleep-in an hour and a half longer than normal.  Was it my daughter who woke me?  No, it was Ms. Milly.  She is so ritualistic.  I forgot to tell her that there was no school today, she wouldn’t have cared though.  When she is ready to get up she is ready.  Ms. Milly is coming with us on our trip, she always does.  Thank goodness my parents love her so much because she is a terrible house guest.  She loves visiting Summer, my Mom and Dad’s dog, but she bosses her around.  She nips at her heels, butt and ears but Summer puts up with it.  When Summer comes to our house she is so polite to Milly and is respectful of it being “Milly’s house”.  When we go to my parents, Summer is so polite and respectful of her house being Milly’s house.  Summer is a rescue dog and she couldn’t have asked for two better people to rescue her.  She has had plenty of love and food over the past two years to make up for those first 18 months of her life when she had neither.  She had puppy’s taken from her and we all think she looks at Milly as her baby.  She first met Milly when Milly was only 8 weeks old.  We could see her trying to teach Milly how to play nicely and share.  When Milly was around 1  we were at my parents for a two-week visit.    We took the girls to a place where they could play, Summer would go there regularly.  Milly was not happy to be separated from me.  When we went to pick them up, I had to go in the back to get them.  Milly wouldn’t come out and Summer wouldn’t either because she wouldn’t leave Milly.  Summer walked out of the little holding area but when Milly wouldn’t, Summer went back in and laid down by her.  Summer has always looked out for Milly and tolerates Milly’s fiestiness.

Well, that had nothing to do with motivation, dedication, exercise, lifestyle change etc.!!  Just got going about the break and off I went on a story about dogs.  Sometimes it’s nice to just not have to think about all those things isn’t it?  I wish I didn’t always have to think about working out and watching what I eat!  BUUUTTTT I do.  It’s my reality and I just accept it.  So many of us face the same frustrations.  Even sweet Summer, her Vet. has said she needs to drop a few pounds.  She is totally food motivated.  Of course dogs love food but to watch her and Milly – Summer drools over food where Milly, ah she can take it or leave it.  Some of us stress eat, some out of boredom but just having to think about all of the health stuff every single day can be exhausting.  We just can’t pressure ourselves cause then we are likely to sabotage.  Think day by day, meal by meal and snack by snack.  I have found it helpful finding and connecting with people who can understand and relate to similar frustrations, it kinda gives a sense of peace.  An “I’m not alone” feeling.  I hope sharing my “stuff” helps, that is the reason I do it.  I’ve found understanding throughout the US all the way over to the UK.   I love it!  I guess it’s not silly at all to wonder why two silly pups found a connection too?!  Have a great day!!!

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