Hello to all!  Hope you have had a fabulous day!  We have had wonderful family time, a good lunch with family and good friends and the rest of our time has been a focus of relaxation.  I told you on Friday that I planned to enjoy my Easter meal and have some candy.  That I did!

I went to the gym with my Mom yesterday and we worked out hard.  Her gym is beautiful, maybe fancy?  Painted walls with trim that matches the carpets and the amazing window at the end of the gym area looking out over a waterfall view.  They have two swimming pools, a spa and full gymnasium – to name a few.  There is also a sign on the door of her gym that says “No Jackwagons”.  Her gym is quiet!  There is no music playing and people don’t really chit-chat.  My Mom and I were the only ones talking Saturday.  I have already told Bailey that she and I would be banished from my Mom’s gym.  I am not kidding about that either.

Mine and Bailey’s gym – Fitness19 – is a good size gym.  Lots of equipment so you can do whatever you want/need.  You can work with a trainer and they also have some hard-core classes!  It’s very clean, there are several TV’s and they have music playing – for those who don’t bring their own.  People chat and when you hit the gym around the same time each day you get to where you see the same crew.  You speak – how ya doing?  what’s going on? – but you don’t know crew member’s names.  This is where Bailey and I belong.  T and H go there and several other friends do too.  We all love it and it fits us perfectly.  T and H don’t act like jackasses though.  Just this past Thursday Bailey almost fell on her face!!  I totally laughed at her.  Had she hit the floor, I would have laughed my ass off, made sure she was ok and then laughed again!

Tomorrow I will be heading to my Mom’s gym with her and I know she is crossing her finger’s that I will keep it together.  Hoping I won’t bust out some Josh Groban or Macklemore lyric’s while doing cardio.  For her sake I will behave.  I think she feels pretty confident that me alone is safe.  I can tell you for a fact that she will never bring Bailey and I both with her, the temptation for goofing off is just too great!!

Tomorrow is a new day and new month.  Do not punish yourself in any way for any splurge or lack of workout.  Always push on!  I’ll be moving forward tomorrow to work off those Cadbury chocolates I ate today!!  Positive and focused!!  Enjoy your evening!!  Back to regular postings this week and updates.

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