Hello everyone!  I have been such a slacker the last few days.  My apologies.  I am spending this spring break with lots of family so I have been a bit distracted.  I know many of you are on spring break right now like I am and I hope all of you are hanging in there with exercise and healthy choices.  I also hope you are having fun as well!  I’ve been going to the gym with my Mom and we are working out hard.  Making good choices BUT I have allowed for some choices that I wouldn’t or don’t normally make.  It’s ok, I am not stressing about it and I don’t feel like I am struggling.  They are MY choices and I do feel that I am keeping myself in check.  Still no Ben & Jerry’s!  I am tired, stupid medication, but all is well and my goal is still in place.  Enjoy your time if or when you are on a break, vacation, whatever it maybe.  Just be sure you balance all of your choices/decisions out so that you can stay in check and not veer off your healthy lifestyle path.  Have a good night!

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