Good afternoon all!  I hope your Wednesday is starting off well.  Mom and I hit the gym.  Bailey and I text each other about our workouts.  She was doing the bike – we alternate cardio each day.  I was planning the bike as well but none were open.  I did the treadmill and did the 2,2,1 set that T taught us.  I texted Bailey and told her that 2,2,1 totally blew!  It is much easier when we do that cardio set together.  Anyway, we got it done and are on with our day.  Push through it, whatever it is, that exhaustion will pass.  You will feel better when you have completed your workout!

I keep telling you all that I am going to try to get caught up on my tabs – I will try again.  I’ll make a post when I get them done.  Thanks for hanging in there.  Have a good one!!

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