April 4, 2013

Friday I woke with a headache.  I have always called them my pill headaches but my Dr.’s told me that they are probably from having an active seizure night.  They aren’t bad and don’t last long.  It seems I get them more when I have cluster seizures.  Mornings that I wake up with one, they are gone by the time I am downstairs making coffee – thank goodness!  Anyway, I was ridiculously hoping I’d get to go home that day but I was told no.  Dr.’s said they needed to put me back on my regular med amounts and wanted to monitor me for 24 hours.  I could plan on a Saturday departure.  Well, unless something odd were to happen.  My neighbor left before breakfast and I was most likely going to be alone most of the day.  Good thing to cause I was ugly.  At that point I mean ugly in various ways.  I had not washed my hair in five days, it hadn’t been brushed and I had wires glued to my head.  I was cleaning up with warm wipes.  Now I have to say those weren’t too bad.  A nice big warm wash cloth type wipe.  A package of them.  Going to the bathroom area and cleaning up while still attached to wires that were attached to a monitoring pack that was wrapped around my back and chest like a harness that had a long cord that reached from the bathroom all the way to the outlet over my bed, that was a touch difficult.  BUT I was still able to rein it in and be polite when nurse’s were in and out.  When I was alone I was basically stewing.  I couldn’t focus enough to read, or play word games.  I talked with my family and waited for breakfast.  I had the TV to entertain me.  When breakfast came I didn’t eat much, so surprising.  I drank coffee and watched TV.  I was so bored, so tired that I ended up putting my ear phones in and listened to music.  About two hours later I was being served lunch.  I had slept the morning away.  After lunch not much different happened.  I was so annoyed, so bored and getting so agitated that I put the ear phones back in and went to sleep.  I slept and slept but it seemed like the day just wouldn’t move.  Finally dinner came and I all could think about was 7:00.  Ghost Adventures would be on and I would have a couple of hours of my Ghostly show and then Dead Files would hopefully follow.  Thank god for 7pm!  I had an active night.  I was uncomfortable and just kept feeling the tingling going through my limbs.  Middle of the night came and guess what?  F’n noise!!!  Loud, loud, loud!!!  New person!!!!!  I can still remember that feeling of anger I felt then.  I knew I wasn’t gonna get any sleep.  So I just didn’t give a crap, ear phones went in.  The tech staff could just come deal with me if I had a seizure and didn’t respond to their questions.  Couldn’t sleep with all the freakin noise so at least I could hear Josh Groban sing in between disturbances.

Saturday morning departure, unless something odd happened.  Hmmm, leave it to me to do the something odd!

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