Hello everyone.  Thursday has flown by, it’s already early evening.  I confess that my Mother and I never made it to the gym.  She did some free-weights with me yesterday and she was a touch sore.  My shoulders are a bit sore from doing the TRX ropes.  I had a rough day yesterday with one of my “pals” – it was trileptal this time, dilantin is off the hook.  I slept for three hours yesterday, missed the trip to Broadway at the beach and then had a rough night sleeping last night.  The beeping smoke detector was only partially to blame.  Many excuses I have given for skipping my workout yet none of them are good ones.  Guess I should just say that I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to carry my lazy butt out in the rain so I didn’t.  Sounds better right?

Bailey has been spot on hitting the gym.  I’ve been pretty good too but today I totally by-passed.  I actually feel pretty bad about it too.  Not bad enough though cause I haven’t done anything.  I know of things I could do right here at the house but I haven’t.  I feel guilt, not bad – there’s a difference.  I know what I should have done and I didn’t.  My excuses are crap and they sound like it too don’t they?  A thousand excuses I can tell you, tell myself – who am I hurting in the end?  Me.   Can’t lie to myself.  Part of pushing past these hurdles is honesty.  Gotta be honest with ourselves, otherwise how will we ever work through.

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