Our break is coming to a close, tomorrow is a travel day.  My sister, her girls (their friend) and the little man have headed out today.  They are in route to West Virginia.  We had a good time and now Elizabeth is alone with me and my parents.  We will head out for VA tomorrow and then our normal schedule will be set back into place.  I will not be blogging tomorrow, I actually haven’t been blogging everyday over our break.

Bailey and I have a new challenge we are going to start on Monday.  I will post about it after we start and let you all know what it is and how it went.  I have another thought in my head but I haven’t mentioned it to her yet.  I just know she is gonna be so excited.  When she reads my blog and learns that I am thinking about something, I’ll hear from her.

Time to set a small goal.  Add something good or take away something bad.  Baby steps!  There are always ways to challenge yourself, improve your health.  Bailey and I have a new challenge, possibly two – I’ll let you know.  I will tell you exactly what she says to me – she is pretty funny!  Enjoy your weekend and plan for the start of a new healthy week!!!

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