Good morning!

I finally got pictures posted!!!  My gallery program is still not working.  Upon researching on google, this is not an uncommon problem.  I have no clue how to fix it, I’ve done what “they” said.  So, I have set up a second Pic.’s tab – Pic.’s 2. So clever right?  The layout is different, it won’t be in gallery style like my other tab.  Harder to caption the photo’s as well.  It will have to do until I can figure something else out.

While I was on break Bailey sent me a message about a new challenge she wanted to try.  A 30 day squat challenge.  I guess its pretty big right now, I’ve seen it going around quite a bit on twitter.  So everyday there is a certain number of squats that are to be done.  By day 30 we should be rocking out 250 squats.  Nice!  This will give us an amazing butt apparently.  We started yesterday, 50 squats.  It wasn’t too bad because we have been doing a leg workout that she found and it includes 40 squats.  Today is 55 squats.  Unfortunately my Biffy (Elizabeth- she’s has many nicknames) is not feeling so hot today.  She is home from school so Bailey and I are doing our workouts on our own.  We have agreed that the 55 squats are to be done by both of us today along with something else.  Our challenge is on, we should be able to knock out 250 squats in 30 days!

The second challenge I briefly mentioned is trying to eat Clean.  I started with baby steps yesterday.  I have been reading and doing some research and I will post some info. once I find some sites that are a little more all-inclusive.  You all don’t want to have to search through 10 different articles.  Anyway, that’s the other challenge we will be attempting.  Slowly but giving it a shot.  Have a great day!!  I’ll be back tonight with a few tab updates!!

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