Good afternoon everyone!  Workouts are done for the day!  T was at my house first thing this morning and she actually made me crumble – a bit.  I hate when she does that!!  Mind you it doesn’t happen often.  She pushes me everytime but I rarely show her my pain.  It was bi-cycle abs for 1 minute that got me.  After that I was off to the gym with Bailey.  We met up with our friend Leah and we did some good cardio.  Then the squat challenge we started Monday continued.  Today was 60 squats.

I will be back later with an update to my weight loss story.  Sorry for short post but I am completely out of trileptal and I am feeling a touch shaky.  I guess when you don’t take it for 24 hrs cold turkey that will happen.  It’s beautiful here and the weather is getting better in many places.  Get outside and move – enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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