April 11 , 2013

Those of you who follow regularly know that I have epilepsy and that I don’t drive.  I haven’t driven in around 10 years.  I did drive though.  Many epileptics don’t drive and some never even get the opportunity.  I did because I was diagnosed later in life.  I was a terrible driver.  I passed the written test right away but failed the driving portion.  I had to take driver’s education and then I finally passed the test.  I had a bit of road rage.  I drove fast and I would tailgate.  I only got one speeding ticket in the years I drove and I got out of  it.  I was driving to the YMCA, back when I was in college at Marshall.  I was running late for aerobics class.  I used to workout obsessively.  Two times a day every day!  Anyway, I was driving 75 down a blvd. in Huntington that quickly dropped in speed limits.  I was clocked going 65 in a 50 zone.  When I called my parents they were pissed.  It was my Dad’s birthday too.  One of my sorority sister’s Dad got me out of the ticket.  I was lucky.  I had several cars and several years to drive but in the end probably not a bad thing when the Commonwealth of Virginia took away my license.  It was hard that first year to get used to.  Now, I think nothing of it.  I don’t have to pump gas, I get to sleep on road trips, we have only one car payment, one car to fill with gas and only one car to insure.  Driving is overrated!!

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