Good Morning!  Oh how I love Friday’s!!!  Heading off to the gym soon with Bailey.  No elliptical today thank goodness!!  We are back on today with the squat challenge – 65.  I guess this is gonna make my butt look fabulous.  It better or I am gonna kick Bailey’s!  Her idea.  It’s nice having a partner in crime.  I have T but I am not her only client.  She can’t hang with me everyday.  I do like to tell myself that she misses me though.  Bailey and I challenge each other and she is always finding cool workout sets to try.  We’ve had our friend Leah catch up with us too.  It’s so nice when you have that accountability.  I’ve said that in the beginning of this blog.  As a refresher I will remind you that I have had accountability since the beginning.  It worked and still does work for me.  Plus it is just more fun.  Bailey, Leah and I were running on the treadmill the other day and all three of us were listening to our own music.  Still, you have those moments when you can laugh and that makes everything easier!  Meet a friend for a walk, at the gym or go to each others house and rock out some p90x – something!  A friend can help make the time fly and your done before you know it!  Have a good one!!!

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