I have set up a fitepileptic facebook page.  The attached quote is the page picture.  I am getting there slowing but I will make it happen.  I have my blog set to share with several accounts when I make a post and  I would like to eventually have my blogs post straight to my fitepileptic page instead of the page set under my name.  I don’t post a whole lot on my fb page because some of my settings are set as public because of my blog.  My blog host or facebook maybe will not allow for two direct sharing id’s.  Totally get that so that means I have to pick between one page or the other for direct posts.  So many of you have been so great and so support and you follow from facebook.  I don’t want to make the change until you all get linked to my fitepileptic page.  For now I will continue to post to the page under my name and then make the change later.  Thanks so much to all of you for being so supportive!!  I never really expected to have the response that I have.

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