Hi everyone!  Early Sunday and it’s beautiful in Chesapeake.  We will be heading out shortly for my daughters violin lesson and then playing the rest of the day by ear.  I believe I was supposed to be doing some squats this weekend but I confess that I totally forgot.  I have to text Bailey and find out how many I was supposed to do yesterday and then add them to today’s.  Ugh!  Sunday is a great day to think through your week.  A lot of us have a more low-key day on Sunday’s, good opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and plan your workouts and meals for the rest of the week.  I have been telling a friend who is wanting to make some changes – baby steps and pull those couple of food items out of your diet that you know are sabotaging you.  Try to have meals done by 7-7:30pm and get to the gym or workout at least 4 times a week but try to do 5.  Set a goal for this week and reach it.  No matter what it is just make it something that will improve your healthy lifestyle.  Have a great day!!!

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