Good morning everyone!!  Hope you all are ready to get off to a good and healthy start today!!  Goals are set in place and we are ready to push on and meet them.  I told you all yesterday that I am planning on cooking this week!  My friend Charleen has pushed me to make this effort.  I have some culinary skills that were taught to me by Ms. H and I intend to put them to work.  BUT I always have my husband as back-up.  Not only is he technically savvy but he is a rather good cook as well.  SO, cooking is my goal this week.

Bailey and I are having to press on with separate workouts today.  Squat Challenge will continue separately and we both must make up for Saturday and Sunday’s squats because we both forgot!!  80 today!!  I shall be back later today with some updates.  I am not sure what updates I will be tackling but there will be some.  Have a great day and let’s all stay strong with our goals!!

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