Our visit to Fitness 19 is done!!  Bailey and I continued with our squat challenge.  80 squats – yikes those last ten burned!!!  Tomorrow is my regular session with T but she will be running me to the Dr. for additional blood work.  After that – we’ll head to the gym for one of her “fun” circuit workouts.  Bailey will meet us and I have talked my friend Leah into coming (as long as her scheduled commitment is over in time).  Additionally, another friend may try to come as well.  T may just have her work cut out for her.  She’ll love it! 

I have been setting up a fitepileptic facebook page so I apologize to those of you who I am “friends” with on fb and who have “liked” my fitepileptic page – you may see repeat posts for a short time. 

I will be doing some updates today and adding some pictures – hope to have them done this evening and ready to publish on my site.  Push on with your goals in mind.  Be positive, do your very best and take it day by day.  Baby steps!  I said one of my goals is to start cooking more.  I don’t mean full on gourmet meals like Ms. H can rock out.  A little more simple – I mean that my husband doesn’t have to come home and cook.  Well that and that the food is in fact eatable.

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