Hey everyone.  Well I am having issues with my site.  I hate to do this but I am going to have to ask my husband for a bit of help.  The E-master can usually figure computer related stuff out in a jiffy.  I can’t figure out what has happened to my gallery program so I can’t upload new pic’s.  I may have to copy and paste them like last time, not really a big deal, and I would go ahead and do that if I could find the pic’s on the computer!!!  I have hit a wall with my blog over the last 24 hours.  I fear I have allowed myself to develop a touch of a big head with my recent computer savviness!!  Now it’s all crashing down!!!!!  I am constantly messing with this blog, trying to make it look better and do more.  Starting a facebook page under the fitepileptic name.  Quite a lot for a girl who just three months ago was lucky to remember how to turn the damn computer on.  It’s not tragic, certainly just a hiccup.  I will get it all situated and updates done etc.

Blood work this am with Dr. B and then I was off to the gym with T.  She had a fabulous cardio circuit for us.  We were sweating our asses off.  To wrap the workout up T thought we should do a five-minute cardio fat burn.  So she, Bailey, Leah and I trotted off to the treadmill.  It was ONLY five minutes but this was the set – run on 3 incline 1 minute, run on 6 incline 1 minute, run 0n 9 incline 1 minute, run on 12 incline 1 minute and then run on 15 incline 1 minute.  We were dying!!!  Our throats were hurting from that run because it was pure torture!!!  Yes, we can’t wait to do it again!!!  3,6,9 wasn’t bad but those last two minutes – yikes!  Truthfully it wasn’t too bad, 5 minutes totally doable.  I will get new updates out as soon as possible, thanks for hanging in there with me!!

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