554784_604836342879236_171428380_n Good morning everyone!!!  In my post yesterday I shared some of my frustrations with you all AND the fact that I can get down-right ugly when I put a lot of pressure on myself.  I don’t like pictures taken of me so I rarely allow them to be taken.  A new goal of mine, work up to being ok with having my picture taken!  The attached picture is a start, Bailey and I at the gym.  There’s Bailey, there’s Fitness 19 and that is my eye.  I am off to a good start.  I actually took the picture myself and posted it.  Here we go – baby steps!!

Busy weekend ahead so I am planning to make tomorrow a rest day.  I am also going to take a moment this weekend and re-evaluate my goals.  I am not being realistic right now and I know it.  Not thinking sensible is bringing me down and I am completely sabotaging myself.  I have two major goals – cooking and being confident having my picture taken.  I tried to make cooking a goal this past week and it didn’t go over well.  That is why I say take a moment to really think about goals.  I tossed that out there but I haven’t put a lot of thought into it.  I need to think my week out.  My friend Leah has told me about some really yummy sounding recipes and I need to get the info from her.  Paleo/clean type of meals.  They just can’t be too hard.  Basically, this girls culinary skills are limited and that’s being nice.  When I have to call Eric at work two or more times whilst trying to cook, that means it’s too difficult.  Sadly it’s often a question like – honey, which pot do I use?   Anyway, those are two of my goals.  As far as my weight, well that is where being realistic comes in to play.  I am sure I have mentioned that I don’t see what others do.  I need to spend some serious time being honest with myself.

Remember to take some time and do something healthy for you.  Enjoy the fresh air, take your dog for a walk – if you have one.  I would take mine but she chokes herself trying to chase after cars.  Have a great day and weekend!!

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