005Hello everyone!!  As you can see I am continuing on with the “daily gym photo”.  This is an exageration of how excited Bailey and I were to be riding the bike!!  I am in the photo more today.  What does that mean?  I stepped on the scale and the number I saw was heading in the right direction.  I let that damn blue light affect my mood.  Thankfully it was in a positive direction!  My mood is so different and I just have a different feeling about myself. Here’s the thing, I know this is a problem and I am working through it.  You will read that it comes and goes, most likely you will be able to tell in my writing.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I am coming out of my negative slump!!

I had my morning session with T today.  Challenging as always.  She brings it full on when she comes over.  First we did some boxing.  Competition?  Oh hell yes!!  It gives me a little happy jolt when I make T stumble backwards.  She brought a couple new things today that were awesome yet fun at the same time.  Ok, she had the therabands, they went around my waist, she stood behind me with the band ends.  I had to jump forward and back with the band resistance.  I also was holding 8 pds.  Then I had to hold weight over my head, therabands again around my waist, she pulled back while I tried to run forward.  Very hard!  I did pull her forward a bit. Last round we of course had to try to out do each other.  I was trying so hard on the jump forward jump back.  Just when I thought I was making it a little hard on her, BAM she taught me a lesson.  She pulled me back and I couldn’t resist the tension, I smacked right into her!  She made me catch air!!  Lesson learned!!  She can kick my ass anytime.  We did laugh really hard, it brought tears!

Then Bailey and I were off to the gym.  I’ve mentioned that I am a huge fan of Josh Groban.  I listen to his music daily and think he has the best voice.  He and Andrea Bocelli, a level of their own in my opinion.  Whilst rockin out cardio at our awesome gym, I often listen to Josh or Andrea.  Today was bike day and that can be a tough one.  I went with Gwen Stefani, hollaback girl.  If it is possible to ride the bike and dance at the same time – Bailey and I are on board.  There are days that we probably owe apologies to Fitness 19, we can be such jackholes!  In a fun, I don’t think we are too annoying kinda way.  Hmmm.

So my site is different, I will be making adjustments to it.  Just in case you can’t log on every now and then – that will be why.  Also, my friend Leah made an awesome suggestion today and I am going to do it.  I will be starting a section about the Summer.  Preparation for it and things to do to help get through it.  None of us want to fall off track and it can be easy to have that happen.  None of us are going to take two steps forward three steps back, none of us!!!!!  I will share how I have maintained while on vacation, days you can’t get to the gym etc.  I have made it through two summers maintaining weight but boy is it a fear of mine!!  I hate when I don’t have weekly sessions with T – ugh!  I hate it even more that I have to admit it, haha!!  So watch for changes.  Have a good one!!


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