003Hello everyone!  Hope you all have had a great day.  Well you can see the gym photo for the day.  Fabulous isn’t it?  The goal here is to make you laugh and to help me get over my issue of not liking to have my picture taken.  I WILL NOT publish the first one I took.  We were trying to be really silly and look exhausted.  Bailey pulled it off but I am not really sure what I was doing.  Just plain frightful!!  We are on a cardio machine here – I have no idea what it is called.  Similar to the elliptical but we don’t hate it as much.  Speaking of the elliptical, Bailey and I got called out at the gym today by Tony cause I told you all how we dance around elliptical day.  I was totally joking, we love the elliptical and we are going to do it tomorrow.  Tony and his wife, Melissa, are super cool – Bailey and I are lucky cause we act just ridic sometimes. 

My day was off to a better start because I was pleased with the number on the scale.  I am not sure I will ever be able to not weigh every morning.  I don’t weigh multiple times during the day anymore so that is a big plus.  I do sometimes fear that I won’t get past letting the number on the scale affect my mood.  I guess I should tackle one thing at a time.  I took baby steps along the way and now I will have to do the same while I am addressing other things that bother me about my appearance.  Doesn’t that sound awful?  Hmmm, am I the only person that searches for perfection?  I mean, sorta.  I don’t think I mean perfection in all ways, I’m not like that.  There are certain things that I focus on and I can’t ever seem to make good enough.  My weight and my skin.  In the end though I usually am able to work through things though.  Admitting is the first step isn’t it? 

My sense of humor shields so much.  Like the moon, I am half hidden.  I saw that on pinterest.  This blog does make me acknowledge things.  All shall be settled eventually.  Except for who stands on which side of me when doing cardio.  Sorry guys, Bailey, Leah, Ann, Amy – you all are doomed!!!  Bailey to the left, Leah to the right, unless Ann is there then Leah on Bailey’s left, Ann on my right and Amy on Ann’s right.  Yep, how I roll!!  Have a good night!!

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