Good afternoon everyone!!  Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!  Well its beautiful here in Chesapeake, hopefully those of you elsewhere are enjoying a wonderful day as well.

No gym photo today, Bailey and I didn’t go to Fitness 19.  I’ve mentioned before that Bailey is a dance teacher, she had classes today so she got her workout done!  I am getting my exercise done while cleaning the house and tossing in some random dance moves.  Windows are open on this fabulous day, music is on and I am cleaning away!  Cleaning does count as exercise in my book.  Moving, moving that’s what we gotta do.

After I clean the house, I will be cleaning up my blog.  I am anxious to spend a few hours working on it.  I find that when I have something to focus on it keeps my mind off food.  During my journey I would spend free time reading, painting or working on photo albums.  Those things kept me occupied and certainly helped me but none of them kept me consistently entertained.  My husband has told me for years that he wanted me to find something to do that I would really enjoy.  He has many things that he does – gardening, computer stuff, building models.  I’ve never found anything to REALLY occupy my free time.  My blog is my current project and I am enjoying it very much.  It has kept my interest for four months, that is good for me.  Cleaning, doing stuff around the house – it’s great!  I accomplish things and move at the same time.  This blog keeps me focused and it keeps me busy when my husband and daughter are gone for the day.  I am shocked at the things I have figured out and it has been very good for my brain.

We need to move daily but remember your weekends don’t always have to be a hard-core gym days.  Get stuff done around your house, move about and find something to keep your interest and take your mind off the pantry!!  Have a great day and weekend!!!

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