April 29, 2013

My Breakfast was brought in and I couldn’t eat a thing.  I was so upset just thinking about the possibility of not going home.  Whatever this episode had been it may have blown my chances of getting out!  I sat and drank coffee, the anticipation was awful.  Finally both of my Dr.’s returned.  They were extremely disappointed that my unit had not been working in the midst of my morning episode.  They had video and it lead them to believe that I most likely had a seizure but they just couldn’t be sure.  When I have night-time seizure’s they change.  I will remain consistent for some time with what I do but then all of a sudden I toss out a curve ball and they change to something else.  At the time of the UVA test I was in a laughing phase.  So both Dr.’s had discussed the options.  They were leaning towards letting me go home as planned but they were considering keeping me and reducing my medication to see what else they could record.  The problem was, they had already reduced my medication and then started it up again.  They weren’t feeling great about reducing yet another time which in-turn would most likely mean another week.  Reducing and increasing medication quickly is not their favorite thing.   So thankfully I was allowed to go home.  Testing was not over, we had just scratched the surface.  The long visit was over though and I could get home and back into a normal routine.

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